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Scheduling conference calls is an essential part of running a global business. The Meeting Planner is used for planning meetings across multiple countries. Planning a meeting can be tiresome when invitees don't share the same time zone. With the Meeting Planner finding possible times that work in all attendee time zones is fast and simple.. This is how it works: Once you select your invitee locations the Meeting Planner converts your local time to these multiple time zones accurately, taking into consideration the time differences and Daylight Saving in every country. The Meeting Planner then highlights the standard work hours in any location, allowing you to quickly identify overlapping hours for your meeting. After you select the time the Meeting Planner generates a clear list of the times in all invitee time zones and allows you to easily send them to everyone. Key features of the Meeting Planner: Automatic time zone detection: Meeting Planner detects your location automatically so you don't have to do so manually. Compare up to ten locations: With the Meeting planner you can view up to ten countries at the same time. Absolute time accuracy: Absolure accuracy is guaranteed when using the Meeting Planner since it makes all necessary transformations to properly account for Daylight Saving Time changes. Standard work hours: Meeting Planner identifies the standard work hours in every country, allowing quick identification of optimal times for your conference call. Times in all attendee time zones: Meeting Planner automatically generates a list of the meeting time in all attendee time zones, so you can send them directly to all invitees. No registration: As with all ScheduleOnce products, Meeting Planner too does not require registration.

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